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We spend a lot of time waiting in our lifetime: 653 hours are spent waiting for trains, 20 weeks are spent waiting on the phone – and standing in queues, well, we spend 6 months doing that, and that’s something we want to change. Q-channel’s time-saving queue solutions are a win-win situation for both the company and customers.

Cloud-based queue system

Q-channel system is a cloud-based queue management system,  which communicates wirelessly with all devices.

With Q-channel system, you are given access to many smart functions, allowing for the optimization of queue management, benefiting both customers and staff.

The cloud-based system is easy to install and manage, and everything is updated automatically via the cloud.

In the Q-channel system you can always grab a queue ticket using our app q-cloud, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Q-channel system

Our queue management system Q-channel system is installed on user-friendly and reliable products such as the iPad and iPhone from Apple. But as a flexible queue management system, Q-channel system can naturally also be used on other devices. In Q-channel system, you can always grab a queue ticket using our app q-cloud, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. You can also integrate the queue management system into your own app, so that your customers can see their current queue time and grab a queue ticket on the way, before they arrive.


iPad for management and viewing of queues

In Q-channel system, staff can use an iPad or smartphone to manage queues, proceed to the next customer, browse information about queue times and queue lengths, alert the back office and more. An iPad is also used for a customer satisfaction survey, where the result is immediately available on the web. The iPad is also used to show queues to customers who are queuing for the cashier. These can e.g. be installed from the ceiling above every cashier, or be installed at the cashier desk.

Customizable layout

We offer the customer a customizable layout for their store or facility. In Q-channel system, the queue system’s appearance is always adapted to the customer’s graphic profile and appearance. The queue system should, like everything else, fit into the customer’s own environment.



In Q-channel system, you can always grab a queue ticket with our q-cloud app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. Imagine never again having to take a physical queue ticket when queuing at the bank, electronics desk or grocery store. We have collected many of your favourite stores in the same place, so that you can easily queue up with a few clicks on your way there.

The app has a map view, providing an overview of where you are and where different stores are located.
Click on a marker to see information about the store, opening hours, grab your queue ticket and see your estimated waiting time.
Use the search function to quickly find the store that you are headed to. You also have the option to use the list view, to gain quicker access to your favourite stores.

Customizable supplementary services.

Q-channel system offers many useful supplementary services, which are customized and packaged entirely based on your wishes.

Choose one or more depending on your needs. Should your needs change and you need to add or remove supplementary services, this is not a problem: flexibility is inherent to Q-channel system.


Text message notifications

The customer can choose to receive a text message if the waiting time is expected to be long and can then tend to other business while they wait. The customer can easily do this by entering their phone number on the touch screen. The customer receives a text message when it is time to return to the store or facility.

Booked meeting

The Booked Meeting service gives staff the option to receive a notification via link, email or text message when their customer has arrived. The customer coming to the office grabs a queue ticket for the advisor with whom they have booked a meeting. When the customer grabs their queue ticket, a notification is sent to the advisor via text message, email or link on the computer, informing them that the customer has arrived. The notification can be sent to individual persons, but also to an entire group.

The Booked Meeting service can be supplemented with the q-booking service to connect to a calendar function, where customers can book an appointment with civil servants, advisors, salespersons and more.

Read more about q-booking under “Other cloud-based products.”



Dynamic queues

In Q-channel system, customers can easily adapt the queue type based on their needs. A queue type can e.g. be shown on the touch screen for a certain period of time during the day, to then disappear when no longer required.

Integration into the client’s own app

We can offer to integrate queue information into the client’s own app. We give the client access to queue information based on all of the client’s installations, allowing for simple integration into the client’s own app.


Statistics YouTube-social-squircle_red

Statistics such as queue length, queue times and when customers come etc. can be generated automatically and e.g. downloaded directly from the Internet for all stores that constitute part of a retail chain. Queue systems have previously been very limited in terms of information about queue times, queue lengths, etc. Q-channel has, as a given, included these functions right from the start. Q-channel is therefore an effective aid when planning resource allocation. In Q-channel system, a daily email report with queue statistics is included, a summary of the previous day.

Q-channel offers all customers a service that consists of an information management module for customized reporting, q-BI (Q-channel business intelligence). As a Q-channel system and q-BI user, you will be given access to customizable queue information based on appearance, content and information about customer flows for resource reallocation and planning. This provides more meaningful insights into how service units can be improved.
q-BI is an effective aid in spreading results and benchmarks within the organization and increases the ability to take action.
With Q-channel system’s information management module you can strengthen your ability to improve, both for customers and for your staff.

Cloud-products_icon_sq_button_normOther cloud-based products

Q-channel also provides cloud-based solutions that are built on the same platform as Q-channel system and are well-integrated into the queue management system. Other cloud-based products can also be provided completely separately from Q-channel’s queue management system. These products are Happy Customer, q-signage, q-crowd and q-booking.



Q-channel system also gives you the opportunity to add digital signage to show advertisements, offers and/or other useful information on displays, combined with queue information. Q-signage is a cloud-based solution and is intended for Smart TV’s, mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.

Digital signage has transformed from being an exposure tool solely for large displays and screens, to also include all types of displays and devices, in large part owing to an increased need for interaction with a message and content. Q-channel system is a platform that already communicates with all forms of different devices and is therefore also well suited to dispersing advertisements, news and information on Smart TV, tablets, computers and smartphones, where interaction is also a natural part of the platform. If you already have a provider for digital signage it is possible to connect queue information to your current solution, we work in collaboration with most larger digital signage companies. Contact us for more information and prices of q-signage.

Happy Customer – app for customer surveys


Happy Customer App for iPad on the App Store is equipped with a simple interface, and in less than three minutes you will have set up your survey, precisely how you want it. The number of questions and answers can easily be adjusted using the “edit survey” button. You can choose to have up to five different questions with two to five different answers. When preferences have been selected, you click the “show survey” button to start using it and collecting data. Response statistics are presented in simple diagrams. The statistics can also be emailed for usage in Excel.

*One to five questions.

*Two to five smiley’s.

*Export your statistics via email as CSV files and import these easily into e.g. Excel.

*Can be used entirely without internet access (internet access required to export statistics).

HappyCustomer can also be provided with customizable content and appearance, as well as increased options in terms of questions and data management. Ask us and we’ll tell you more.



q-crowd creates queues in situations where many people simultaneously compete for a resource that is made available on the internet at a given time. This could be in association with an event being released, when registering for a competition, on product releases, when sales start and more. Examples of customers using q-crowd include companies that open applications for new-build housing at a given point in time, where it is important that an accurate queue order is maintained upon registration. Other examples are events with a limited number of tickets, where many are interested but where the actual queue order is less important. Capacity is very high and the product can be adapted entirely based on needs and what is required at a given time.

q-booking – a calendar service by Q-channel

q-booking is a calendar service where customers can book times to see a civil servant, advisor, salesperson and more. The customer chooses an available time, clicks on the selected time in the calendar and a form is shown. When details have been filled in and the form has been saved, a confirmation message is shown. This is sent via a confirmation email to the customer and to the civil servant, advisor, seller, etc.

q-booking is customizable based on the company’s profile with logo and colours. The calendar can be integrated into the company website, which customers can access to book times. q-booking is also adapted for tablets and mobile phones.

phone cal view2The q-booking service can also be connected to the q-cloud system, and the “Booked meeting” service, where the customer sends a notification on arrival for the meeting. The function “Booked meeting” is well proven and a popular supplementary service for q-cloud. The function “Booked meeting, or “Pre-booked meeting” as many customers like to call it, has now been given its natural complement in q-booking, where the customer can book a meeting with a civil servant, advisor, salesperson and more on a website, tablet or mobile phone.